Welcome to Gold Factors Jewellers.

We are a local business providing a range of jewellery services which are beneficial to the public. Established in 1979, the business is still going strong today.

Gold Factors Jewellers pay the best prices for unwanted or scrap gold broken or not, and even more for resalable items. We sell a wide range of jewellery from little charms to large diamonds and everything in between. Gold Factors are experts in jewellery repair, both onsite and offsite. Our repair rates are highly competitive.

We can make jewellery to our customer’s exact requirements. Gold Factors are fast and efficient jewellers, while keeping our standards extremely high. For high quality jewellers in Middlesbrough, look no further.

Buy Back

Gold Factors Jewellers provide a jewellery pawn service. We can hold your items and loan you money based on their value, which you can then buy back when the loan is complete.


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